We are moving to Toronto!

February 23, 2009


Hello everyone. Our family is making a huge move. No, not accross the ocean like the previous move to South Korea but at least to a different time zone. Don’t worry though, we will still be close to our loved ones.  California is a hop skip and a jump away and now we can easily connect with family and friends on the East Coast.  

We are all very excited about going to Toronto and we have taken the resolve not to be ignorant Americans while we make this exciting transition. On that note I have linked to the Wikipedia article to this blog post (please click ).  I have only read about a third of the article (so no pop-quizzes yet :)) but I’m sure I will be able to finish it by mid-April. 

As time progressess I will continue to update this blog and inform those interested(?) in our experiences in transitioning to Toronto.